The Wellington Papers [URB Mag Interview]....by pemora

I don't sweat many people. In fact, if I were to list the people I actually do sweat, it would sound like an acceptance speech at the BET Awards.....God, my baby daddy, my son and my mama. Probably the Korean lady who hooks up the hems on all articles of clothing. But that's it. Actually, no wait, I also sweat my good friend, HB Wellington.


Well, that's easy. Besides being a fellow May baby, HB is supportive, has tons of positive energy (when he isn't acting like a derel), and is uber-creative. Basically, he's that guy you just wish you could hate but can't because he's probably finding a way to hook you up too.

Anyway, URB Magazine caught up with The Wellington Papers and put together a pretty sweet interview. Check it out here. Its good to support good people.

Photo courtesy of URB Magazine

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  1. the artist formerly known as greig3/13/11, 7:11 PM

    P just saw this... thank you. you're the radness part 2


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