New Amerykah Pt. 2 [review]....by MissDTM

New Amerykah Pt. 2 [review]
by MissDTM

i need to start by saying this:
there is absolutely nothing wrong with this album. nothing

badu's vocals and beats are on point, the flow of the album is perfection, and the lyrics are filled with the emotion we saw back in the days of "baduizm". i literally adore this album.

...this is coming from a girl who rarely listens to albums from start to finish.

...and refused to listen to "new amerykah part 1" when it was released.

i really want to sit here and tell you to just listen to the whole damn thing from start to finish. on repeat. but i can understand if you need some convincing. we've all heard (or seen the video for) "window seat" by now so let me tell you something--get off of your ass and listen to "gone baby, don't be long" then "turn me away (get munny)" to be reminded of a classic beat, before listening to "fall in love (your funeral)". if those songs don't convince you to listen to the whole thing, then there's nothing else i can say to convince you.

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