Thank Me Later [review]....by pemora

Thank Me Later ~Drake
by pemora

Its interesting to me that the only song that remotely sounds like a rap song doesn't appear until the end.  I mean, the absolute bitter end.  And the title of that song?

"Thank Me Now"

Well, that doesn't really make sense when you have entitled your hip-hop album, "Thank Me Later", but I'm no rapper....then again, neither is Drake.

Just to be clear - Drake is not an MC.  He is a really cute pop artist who has a very sharp hairline and likes to sing about girls.  Which is totally okay.  But that still doesn't make him a rap artist.

The entire time I was listening to this album, I felt like I was listening to the 20-year-old male version of Sade.  And I'm still not sure if that is a good or bad thing.  Drake has some clever lines, but they are mostly supported by amazing production (you can clearly hear the influence of Timbaland, Swizz Beatz and Kanye) and some R+B-style songs.  In fact, if you are on your 5th glass of wine and have your eyes closed, you would think that Sade herself was singing on "Karaoke".

There were some moments that really had me scratching my head, including his use of the 'n' word.  I mean, homeboy is still white, right?  Are we okay with white people using the 'n' word all of a sudden?  Also, why does Swizz Beatz ever ever ever get on the mic?  I actually think 'Fancy' would be a much better song if Swizz stayed off the mic and left the mediocre rhyming to T.I. (not one of your best, papa. But I'll give you a pass since you just got out of jail and you're probably a little rusty).  I'm also completely and utterly disturbed by the usage of the Aaliyah "At Your Best" sample on 'Unforgettable'.  I am quite confused as to why Tim would do this, but I am one of those people who doesn't step on cracks on the sidewalk.  Some call it brujeria but I would prefer to call it proactive protection.  Don't mess with the afterlife, folks.

Lil Wayne's voice remains the most distinctive in the game and is quite appreciated on 'Miss Me'.  Disclaimer: Lil' Wayne could recite the alphabet and I would give him props. I heart you, Mr. Carter.  And 'Find Your Love' just reminds me of that time in high school when this boy would call me and would recite really corny poetry on the phone to me.  It was really sweet in theory but oh so painful in practice.

My baby daddy just told me that it sounds like I hate this album.  And, I don't.  Its a really nice R+B album for the not-quite-grown and sexy group.  I'm kind of torn on whether to recommend it to you, so if you want me to burn you a copy, holler at your girl.

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  1. Word. I checked out a couple of his mixtapes on datpiff.com and he seemed to make everybody other than him sound like an mc, which is difficult to do. I'm not copping it. You want to hear an mc, check out that new Reflection Eternal joint.


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