Holiday Wish List (for the ladies!)...by pemora

When I was little, I thought Santa Claus was a cute old white man but never believed that he was the one actually bringing me presents.  I always knew that my parents were the ones hooking me up, so at a very young age I decided I would help them.  Once the Sunday circulars arrived at our house promoting holiday sales, I would gather them all up and create a master shopping list for my parents.  This included a clear description of every item I wanted, with comparison prices at each of the major stores.  For efficiency, I would also highlight the lowest price for my parents, so that they knew which store to go for the bargain deal.

I was such a thoughtful kid.

This habit still lives strong, as I usually tell my husband the 1 or 2 items that I would really like and even email him several links, so that he knows exactly where to buy it from.  Although this removes the element of surprise, I was never one to be left in the dark, so it is always a success.*

*Note: I do have 1 quick admission...the occasional times when the baby daddy DOES surprise me? Always ends up being the BEST gifts and ones that I never ever would have thought of/asked for/seen myself with.

So, here is a little holiday wish list.  For all of you, not me.  I am trying to do this "giving" thing.  But if you buy me one of these items, I would not complain.




  1. subtlety. thy name is urbanrhetoric.

  2. i'm contemplating that ring as well...


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