In My Bag [Pete]

I have not done one of these posts in a long time. Call it the nosey-parker in me but I always love seeing the contents of one's bag. Pete runs the blog The Wasted Talent and if you see him on street, he might even take a picture of you. Check out the contents of his bag...

15" MacBook Pro
15" Chrome sleeve for MacBook pro
1xLeather bound journal
1xSee sunglasses
Matix pouch with USB drives
2x moleskin books
1x micron pen
1x pencil (muji?)
6" Wacom intuos 4 tablet
Mimi Fisher for Roger Water's "wall tour" leather sleeve
Canon S95
Kindle 4

Drop us a line via twitter if you are interested in participating...just dump out your bag + take a pic!

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