Olympics 2012....by pemora

I don't know why I am so excited for this year's Olympics. Usually, I'm slightly bothered to have to deal with a heavy rotation of sports and then find myself enraptured by every US athlete. This year, I am actively excited by the Olympics. I cannot wait to watch the opening ceremonies, I am anxious for Michael Phelps, I love the story about that Bronx gymnast, and I am rooting for high school friend Tim Morehouse.

More than anything, the Olympics is a time to feel quite patriotic. I get teary-eyed hearing the national anthem when someone wins gold (and I also yell, 'in yo face, suckas!' to the TV), I love seeing our flag, I want to know more about those representing our country.

As a person of color (yes, I went there again), it is difficult to always understand our relationship with this country. To put it mildly, it is complicated. But there is something about the Olympics that always makes me feel pride and joy.

Wow, that was oddly mushy. There must be something wrong with me today. Maybe it is time for some chardonnay.

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