Love It or Hate It? [Beyonce's Nails]...by pemora

Am I seriously posting about Beyonce's nails? Why, yes, yes I am. After seeing this pic on her tumblr, I cannot stop thinking about it:

Totes her nails. I swear. Via Beyonce I am

This is the thing - if I was Beyonce, I would wear a purple cape with bedazzled stones that spell out "Yes. It is me", I would require a smoke machine for every and all entrances and a crown would sit on my head all damn day. I have thought about this. It is all in the details.

This is what I would not do - put a picture of Jay-Z on my nails. Or my own mug. I co-sign on many things that Beyonce does in this universe (except when she speaks. Oh lord, do any of you cringe during her interviews? I do. Many times over) but this sh!t right here? This right here? No, no thank you.

And just because it is Friday. PREACH.


  1. I love Bey but this is Trashy.

  2. ms. monroe: i love your tumblr. thatisall.



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