Shopping Haul....by pemora

Clearly, I should be compiling all sorts of items for a really great Father's Day post. Clearly. But there are so many damn sales right now and, well, I can't help myself. And because it would make me feel better if I wasn't the only one buying a ton of crap, I thought I would share. You're welcome.

I bought this from Target when I was supposed to be getting toothpaste. For mommies trying to hide the pooch, this is perfect. I sized up to get the slouchier look. This comes in different colors but this greenish one is BEAUTIFUL in-person.

This was another purchase during that infamous Target run. I had a gift card, so I felt it was okay. This is not so forgiving of the pooch, so I will definitely be rocking my grandma control top undies. But I just love drop waist dresses.

My sis bought me these for my bday and HOLY ISH I LOVE THEM. Mommies should wear cargo shorts all summer. Pockets upon pockets for snacks and keys and toys and more snacks? Yespleaseandthankyou. From Urban.
These are on sale right now at Nordstrom. They caused too many blisters, so thank goodness I bought Hello Kitty bandaids while at Target. I receive SO many compliments when I wear these. Blister who?
I bought the small silver versions and LOVE. I'm always conflicted about what to do with my 2nd piercing and this is just perfect, as it lies completely flat against the ear. From Curator
Another bday gift, this time from Paj1. This is so roomy, so cute and does good. From Rachel Roy.
I bought this in a print that the shop no longer carries but this one is pretty awesome too. People LOVED this skirt on me. It does fall at a weird ankle length but I just used that as an opportunity to show off some kick-ass shoes. From theifandbandit
I haven't bought this Quarter Water Candle yet but oh, I will. Memories of Bronx bodegas....this will be a great addition to my nonBronx home. At MoMA


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