My love of Oxfords....by pemora

Inspired by Kelley Anne's post on her clogs, I was thinking about my love of oxfords. It all started with these two:

L-R, Bakers + Cole Haan

Actually, let me go back a little. It actually started with the Bakers shoes on the left. I had just given birth to my 1st kid, I felt like a lump of clay and I wanted something cute. While looking at heels, my mom insisted that I give flats a chance. Did she? Did she use the dreaded 'f-word'? I tsk'ed at her and walked away but not before giving these a shoes a quick side-eye. Gray oxfords? Why would I wear those?

So I walked out of the store, sans shoes, and continued on my way. Except....I couldn't stop thinking about them. They could be cute, maybe. I like the masculine feel. Could I really rock them....and then! I had a dream about them that night. (side note: doesn't everyone dream about their purchases?) And that's when I decided that I had to have them.

Basically, those gray ones were my gateway drug. From there, I (like everyone else) fell in love with the Cole Haan ones on the right. But I was not in love with their price point. So I did what I always do in these situations -- internet hunt and wait in the cut. I found them on super sale and BOOM. They were mine.

But now I have a problem.

(L-R) Bakers, Cole Haan, Gap, F21

(L-R) F21, BP, BP, F21

(L-R) BP, F21, Sam Edelman, F21

Oh and I forgot about these 2 pairs.

(L-R) Melissa, ???
Damn, I love oxfords. I mostly wear them with slim cropped pants but am trying to use them when wearing a pencil skirt or midi dress (inspired by JCrew, of course). But I think I need to give my PayPal account a little rest. This might be just a bit much.

And for tips on how NOT to shop like a crazy person (me) check out my homey, Merl, and her post on creating a green[er] wardrobe.


  1. Different shoe, same story! I'm not sure if I'm done yet though:)

    I love the way oxfords look, but I'm always so self conscious about the size of my feet that I worry that they look too big in flats. Silly really. Yours are beautiful and I'm sure they look great on. Great post and thanks for mentioning mine.

  2. also wanted to point out that refinery29 posted this today: http://www.refinery29.com/oxford-shoes#slide-1


  3. I definitely had a few of these on my sale-watching list but never committed to buying them. I wasn't sure how to mesh them with the glitzier things I like to wear. What do you pair oxfords up with without doing the whole "menswear" look?

    1. great question! i think these look really cute with a pencil skirt. it's a little harder to rock them with dresses, while the skirt allows you to break up the look and make it less 'menswear'. i'm still experimenting with dress, though!



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