Still Hard to Talk About...by pemora

It is still hard to talk about what happened in Newtown.

When I was finally able to peel myself away from my work computer on Friday, I picked up my 5yo son from his after-school program and took him to a holiday party. We parked across the street from the house and waited hand-in-hand to cross. I watched the cars drive past us, my mind still in a bit of a fog about the events of the day.

"Mommy, we have to look both ways before crossing the street because we can't get hit by a car. Don't worry, I'll protect you"

He pronounced it 'protet' because of his lisp.

I'll protect you, he said to his mom.

This is just hard.

Note: We are wearing green and white on Monday, Dec. 17th in solidarity with #newtown

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