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Okay, I need to start buying things for OTHERS. But it is so hard...putting a shopaholic in charge of buying gifts for others. I feel like I need a support group or something. An intervention of sorts. But after the holidays.

See the picks for part six. Be warned: this has the MOST picks I have compiled thus far. And check out parts one, two, three, four and five. As always drop us a line here or on twitter if you have suggestions for other local and small businesses.

Happy Small Shopping!

This dress is so intriguing to me and I have had my eye on it for awhile. I love the idea of 2 different prints. From nenee

Because I love clothes so much, I often feel that my house goes neglected. A simple but beautiful throw pillow would go a long way in sprucing up my living room. From wickedmint

I never met a pair of leggings I didn't like. But never leggings as pants. I like keeping my lovely lady lumps a little covered. From naKiMuli

And I love putting my daughter in leggings too. The apple doesn't fall far, right? From supayana

I own this as a headband and love it. Could definitely see this bracelet stacked with some gold bangles for a small arm gathering. From thiefandbandit

There is just so much to love with this necklace. Neon and rope and awesome, oh my. From deezdoggbling

This is from one of my fav Project Runway contestants from last season, Sonjia Williams (she was robbed!). I feel cozy just looking at this pic. From HauteandLow

Another stunning necklace, this time made out of tooled leather. This would be perfect over a buttoned up shirt. From TILTadornments

I really want to dress my daughter in this. Perfect for visiting grandma on Christmas. From wildthingsdresses

Once upon a time, I used to go out with Paj1. And have many drinks. And dance. And look cute without spanx. Those were the days. I would have totally worn this out. Or even now with, wait for it....LEGGINGS! From brownbagvintage

I own this and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I love it. I am not one to repeat outfits but this has been in HEAVY rotation. Get it now, while it is on sale. I think I need one in grey now. From BabooshkaBoutique

My girl, Merl, makes jewelry that makes me feel like an urban superhero. Seriously, like I can kick anyone's a$$ if they came near me. I especially love this body chain. A$$-kicking gear, I tell you. From clydesrebirth


  1. wonderful!!! thank you for including my baby leggings :-)

  2. "Arm gathering" lmfaoooo! Love that.


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