mark Eyeliner [product review]....by pemora

mark Eyeliner [product review]
by pemora

About a year ago (or was it 2?), I posted about my 30 second make-up routine.  Since then, the routine has stayed fairly the same with a couple of experiments here + there.  After all of my Clinique Quickliner pencils ran out at the same time, I decided to try mark's Eyemarker Color On Line.

*The color goes on very very smooth.  As a mom who can't fuss with my eye make-up and needs to run out the door (because I am always always always late), that's a huge plus.  The color goes on quickly and easily.
*Very bright colors. This is especially good for women of color, who need something more vibrant against our skin.
*Nice options of colors. I especially like the blue.

*Not good for women with oily skin.  The color not only didn't stay put, but at one point, I had blue eyeliner UNDER my eyes.  Dark circles + blueish eyeliner color? No bueno.
*The colors can be a bit too glittery for day.  Especially the purple and green.  Those seem more appropriate for evening. (I've actually taken to layering the purple and green with a brown eyeliner from Maybelline to cut down some of the Liberace glitz)

While I really miss my Clinique eyeliner (especially the purple!), the mark version is a nice alternative.  And if you are interested in other mark products, try the Dew Drenched Moisturlicious Lip Color.  I swear by every color and pair them with my LaBello lip balm.  Good good stuff.


  1. try putting shadow on first and then put the eyeliner. i had the same problems with my eyes till i learned that trick...

    great review. i might try this eyeliner now.

  2. Hey, thanks for your comment! feel free to email me with any questions you may have about the gallery shows, etc!

  3. Hello, lady. I read this post a while back, but it wasn't until 2 weekends ago that I needed a new eyeliner and instead of getting the same old smudgy black something or other at CVS I went straight to the Clinique counter at the mall to try something different. I purchased dis


    Ohhhh it's so bomb. It's soft and smokey with that little extra pop of purple that compliments a latina in the morning, noon and night. xo Tina


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