Missy Fingerless Gloves [most wanted]

Missy Fingerless Gloves
by pemora

So, Latinos like to celebrate Three Kings Day for a couple of reasons:

1. we like to keep the party going. And going.  And going.
2. we like to take advantage of all those post-holidays sales.
3. did I mention the partying?

My family tends to give each other just a little token of continued holiday festivities.  I am putting it out there in the cyber world that I would love someone anyone to get me these awesome gloves.  I originaly saw them on Selective Potential's blog and fell in love.  Not because they are actually functional (at least, not in this subzero NYC weather), but because they are darn cute.  And gritty.  Kinda like M.I.A.

Hook me up for Three Kings Day and get them at Forever 21.  Holler.


  1. Yes yes yes. Someone must get them for you! They're too wonderful! :D Thanks for linking me and for your lovely comment!

  2. I love these, saw them on the website- want!


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