Nike Valenka Leather Boot

Nike Valenka Leather Boot
by pemora

All winter, I have been on the hunt for a snow boot.  All.  Winter.  I never knew how difficult it was to find a fun + functional piece of footwear, until I found myself in a DSW in Westchester about to cry.


My wishlist:
1. avoid Uggs. This is becoming harder to do.
2. black or gray.  After wearing my brown Kenneth Coles for 9 years (rest in peace good and trusty snow boots), I am ready for a change.
3. furry/fuzzy/warm lined.

Alas, nothing.

But these boots?  Are pretty darn close to what I want.  Just my luck, I cannot find my size.  But maybe Nike has them in your size, so be sure to get them now while they are on sale.


  1. Those are nice snow boots. I love the button details. I bought a pair of leather riding boots that have served me well for the past two seasons, but then again, I don't shovel very often:)

  2. Thanks for the comment Pemora. I really appreciate it and every time you take the time to read my posts:)


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