De La Soul Toys [enter to win!]

De La Soul 3fer
by pemora

De La Soul's '3 Feet High and Rising' is a must have in any hip hop aficionado's collection.  While some may argue whether or not this was their best album, it certainly set the stage for De La.  Besides, don't you remember that summer EVERYONE knew the lyrics to 'Me, Myself + I'?

To celebrate the album's 21st birthday, KidRobot has designed a set of toys in the group's likeness.  I am desperate to get my hands on all 3!

To enter to win (and to share with me!), go to KRonikle.

Also, I'm working on a super secret but oh so exciting project....details to come soon!


  1. whirrred up.

    thanks for moving from multiply, btw. my jihad w/ them kept me from contributing here...

  2. I'm really eager to hear about your super secret project!


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