Little Rooms House Ring [most wanted]...by pemora

Little Rooms House Ring [most wanted]
by pemora

If you have followed us from our multiply.com days, you probably know that I stalk Little Rooms.  Not only does Ester have amazing style, but her jewelry is well-made, not super expensive, and unique in that strangers-on-the-street-wanna-holler-at-my-accessories kinda way.  Too bad I hate hate hate strangers.  And being hollered at.  But that's neither here nor there.

After purchasing the Entry Lock Double Finger Ring, I was highly anticipating Little Room's Thornwall Collection to drop.  Ester was keeping me posted on some of the designs she was working on, which was making me anxious (how the heck is she going to pull off a double finger ring of a bridge with cars on it?).  But this chica is just so talented that I wanted every single piece.

I just received my House Ring and let me tell you -- hot fire.  I am about to go on a road trip and this will probably be the only piece of jewelry I will take with me (well, besides my wedding ring. Can't have people hollering AND thinking I'm a single gal).

Order one for yourself at Little Rooms.


  1. What you own this ring? I"m so jealous, it is sooooo cool! It's crazy huge looking, which makes me like it all the more.

  2. Love the write up! Thank you so much!
    So glad you love your new ring :)

  3. Its beautiful. I'd probably put either one or both of my eyes out with it though. I'm sure its lovely on a more graceful lady, such as yourself. How was your road trip?


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