Rhetorical Questions [March Edition]....by JBoogs

Rhetorical Questions 
[March Edition]
by Jboogs

  1. Can African American actors win an Oscar for playing a positive character?
  2. Will Mo'Nique stop yelling now that she won an Oscar?
  3. Are you ready for the new season of the Boondocks in May?
  4. Have you seen “How to Make it in America” on HBO? Its kind of like the east coast version of Entourage. Kind of like how the movie “Juice” is to “Boyz in the Hood”.
  5. Is Ben Roethlisberger the white Michael Irvin/Pacman Jones off the field?
  6. Did you see Hurt Locker?
  7. Do you feel bad for Chris Brown’s sagging record sales and airplay?
  8. Does anyone believe that Tiger’s wife did not beat him up for cheating on her?
  9. When was the last time that Saturday Night Live was this consistently funny?
  10. Should Michael Jordan change the name of the Charlotte Bobcats to reflect his legacy?
  11. How many more celebrities will die as a result of illegal prescriptions? RIP Corey Haim, Michael Jackson, Heath Ledger etc…
  12. How Green are you?
  13. Are you excited about the Ipad? Tell me how it is.
  14. With Lil Wayne finally going to jail, will we have some Lil Wayne-free radio time?
  15. Why didn’t people watch Conan O’Brian when he was on TV?
  16. Is the Matt Damon movie the “The Green Zone” just a spinoff of the Bourne Identity series?
  17. Eric Masa? Tickling? Really?
  18. Has Americas Best Dance Crew run its course?
  19. Will Obama ever get anything passed? Will they let him?
  20. So the state of Texas gets to decide what’s in our textbooks? Have you seen the new revisions? 
  21. Do you know who Wes Moore is?  Check out the book “The Other Wes Moore”.
  22. Did we forget about Haiti yet?
  23. Is anyone else nervous when they see a new Toyota driving down the street or alongside you?
  24. Did anyone else watch curling during the Olympics?
  25. Why did CBS update the March Madness closing theme of One Shining Moment to be performed by Jennifer Hudson instead of Luther Vandross?


  1. Jamie Foxx won, Jennifer Hudson was another positive so yes. Black people will complain and complain some more.

  2. 3. Welcome back Boondocks. I need more Gangstalicious jokes.
    6. Hurt Locker was good, but 6 Acadummy Awards? Really?
    8. Hell's yes, Elin whooped Tiger's assets.
    16. My theory, Green Zone is one of Bourne's forgotten missions.

  3. i just ordered my wes moore book.



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