Family Jewels....by pemora

Family Jewels
by pemora

Besides my shoes, I have an unnatural obsession with my jewelry.  I have countless necklaces, bracelets, and rings that live in 7 different boxes around my bedroom. Unfortunately, my earring game is not as tight but I figured that I don't need to spend any more money than I already do.

Right now, these are my most favorite pieces of jewelry.  Most have been gifts from my baby daddy, which I feel is only right.  I don't need other people buying me rings (although, if you want to hook me up, I won't complain).


House Ring: Little Rooms; Bar Ring: baby daddy; Samantha/Flower Ring: UO; Cat Ring: can't remember; Flower Connector: F21; Keyhole Ring: Little Rooms; YSL Ring; Mother Bracelet: clyde's rebirth


  1. OMG! Im in love! I've just started collecting rings (I'm an earring girl) and my rule is the bigger the better!!

    xo Meg


  2. that bracelet is basically perfect on you. Mind if I steal the pic for an upcoming gallery of people wearing my gems? please n thank you :)


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