Ink'ed Up: Marie

Ink'ed Up: Marie
by pemora

Marie is a good friend who I can always count on for a good laugh, a good meal and a good dose of gossip.  Of course, don't let her sunny disposition fool you....homegirl will still cut a b* if she needs to.

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describe your tats.
My first is a black fleur de lis.  It's the size of a half dollar, and it's between my shoulder blades.  My second is a stylized outline of a hummingbird in black.  It's about 2 inches, and it lives on the inside of my left arm, just a few inches above my wrist.

what is the significance behind it/each?
My tattoos mark places I've lived.  The fleur de lis is the city symbol for both New Orleans and St. Louis, the two places I think of as "home".  The hummingbird reminds me of San Diego and the huge flock of hummingbirds that lived in a tree a few feet from our terrace.  The hummingbird is also for my husband, who was obsessed w/ the birds outside our window.

what do you do during the actual inking process?  any rituals, methods?
I have to be alone.  I don't want friends around or anyone to hold my hand -- this is a very personal experience between me and the artist.  And I'm really quiet, no chit chat.  I just try to breathe through the pain and focus on the sounds around me.  I find the whole experience very solitary.

do you plan on adding more? if so, what?
I'd love to get a tat commemorating my time in NYC, but I haven't been inspired yet.  (and I've def. decided to not commemorate Dallas w/ ink...I'd rather forget that we live here.)  I'll continue the city symbol theme I've started, and I'd like to get "something" to honor that which means the most to me -- glass blowing, my dogs, my husband.  My only rule is that I'll keep my ink black only and the tats on the smaller side.  

any advice for someone considering getting inked?
Be very thoughtful about your ink.  For the most part, this shit's forever.  If you can't feel very proud to show your tattoo, consider what and why you're doing it.  Own it!  

And be very very careful about languages and alphabets you aren't familiar with.  Poorly translated, poorly drawn, and just nonsensical tattoos end up on the internet for our laughs.

would you like to give your artist a shout:
Iron Age in St. Louis did my hummingbird, and a now-removed piercing.

Avalon in San Diego did the fleur

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  1. You're a good friend, too! Thanks for featuring me.


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