Ink'ed Up: Pete....by pemora

Ink'ed Up: Pete
by pemora

The 1st edition of Ink'ed Up features my unique + creative brother-in-law, Pete.  Pete is one of the 1st people to introduce me to the world of tattoos (besides my baby daddy, of course) and has a tremendous amount of great work already completed.

photo by Ray A. Llanos

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Describe your tat
both arms, sleeves, japanese art on my left arm and Ganesh on my right arm, both my kids names on my wrist, and a tree on my right ankle

what is the significance behind it/each?
Kids, obvious, 2 arms, 2 kids... the sleeves, more about a time in my life than the actual art... no grand meaning, just big changes in my life

what do you do during the actual inking process?  any rituals, methods?
nope, drink a little, I actually enjoy the process, pain and all, I can sit

do you plan on adding more? if so, what?
yep, back and chest, legs, its addictive 

any advice for someone considering getting inked?
make sure you can live with it, its like marriage, cheap to get into, way harder to get out of...

would you like to give your artist a shout 
Alex aka Olde Monk! http://www.oldemonkink.com/

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