Ink'ed Up: missDTM

Ink'ed Up: missDTM
by pemora

Its hard to describe how awesome my sister is.  My sis, missDTM, is uber-creative, stylish, funny, beautiful, and, well, special.  I am very lucky to not only be related to missDTM but to have her as one of my closest confidantes. 

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describe your tat(s).
i have 2 tats so i'll start with the first one i had done. it's on right in the middle of my upper back and it's a feather that's around (xx) inches long.  the second one i had done very recently. it's under my right arm pit and it's the outline of a key with a "w" in the top part that's around (xx) inches long. 

what is the significance behind it/each? 
i thought i wanted a tattoo for a while but wasn't sure what i actually wanted. then one day, i was drawing and i remembered this story i heard about my dad. i was always told that there was this indian chief that watches over my father and so sometimes my dad wore this gold chief head ring that i drooled over. it has always been such a cool idea to me so i got the feather to represent the headpiece the chief wore.

my second tat was an idea that came to me one day when i realized i had been carrying around the key of my parent's old house--the one i grew up in.  it brings back wonderful memories. the "w" was added to the idea after my dad passed away from cancer. my sister and i went to get them done a little over a week after he passed. it was a really nice way to honor his memory.

what do you do during the actual inking process?  any rituals, methods? 
i repeat to myself, "this will only hurt for this one second...this will only hurt for one second..." just kidding!!!

i've only been inked twice so i wouldn't say i have a ritual or method. for my first tat, i had to sit for 45 minutes and the pain was super intense right on my spine. i remember spending a lot of time focusing on the conversation the tattoo artist was having with my roommate at the time but also zoning out. the second tat took around 15-20 minutes and my cousin, who's a fantastic artist, has a light hand so it wasn't that bad. i just lay there thinking about how smelly i must be since it was a really hot day and there was no AC in the shop. we had a nice conversation while i was getting inked so i barely remember the pain. tattoo artists are interesting so listening to their stories intrigues me. 

do you plan on adding more? if so, what?
i've been thinking about it. i have an idea that i want my cousin and i to work on. i definitely want to get inked by him again.

any advice for someone considering getting inked?
be sure of what you want! don't just get it because it's the trend/looked cute on some other person/or you just want a tat. my other advice would be to make sure you do research on the tattoo artist so that you are sure that you like their style. then trust them. even though i'm an artist, i don't know the slightest idea about tattoo art so i will 100% of the time trust what they think would be best.

would you like to give your artist a shout?
MOST DEFINITELY! my most recent tattoo was done by my cousin, hexx, who i think is the best. his info is here: http://www.fortapachestudio.com/hexx.html

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