Most Wanted: Fashion is Art Wedge

Just taking a quick break from the Ink'ed Up series (and if you haven't checked them out, then you are just lame) to let my loved ones know that I am starting up my wish list again.  You know, because my loved ones are the only folks who tell me they read this blog and every girl needs a wish list.

So, I need these shoes.  I picture myself wearing them with cropped black pants, black blazer, quilted Chanel bag on my way to dinner with insert-pro-athlete-hottie here.  Wait, that's Kim Kardashian's life.  Okay, I need to stop watching anything involving those Kardashian girls while writing.

Anyway, these shoes are just amazing.  Jeffrey Campbell is a shoe genius.  Jeffrey Campbell, will you be my best friend and give me a pair of shoes for Christmas every year? Yespleasethankyou.

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  1. A.) I am "lame" I don't know about this "ink'd up series" but now I need to redeem myself and check it out

    B.) You indeed need those wedges! I think I need them too.

    C.) I'm soooooooooooo sad to hear you can't make it to the swap. Mel and I actually had you in mind when we put it together cause you, me, her--we all talked about doing one at your house at some point, remember? What's your sister doing that day? Is she going to CA too?


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