Most Wanted: Book City Jackets

Besides a brand new wardrobe and a spiffy Trapper Keeper (which would last for exactly 2 weeks and then I needed an industrial strength notebook), my favorite thing about the start of the school year was getting a set of book covers.  Why?

1. I am nerdy and book covers showed that I had respect for the books. Duh.
2. I went to a public school in the South Bronx and was particularly scared of my teachers.

While my peers tended to like the New Kids on the Block covers, I gravitated towards the regular ol' brown paper ones.  Mostly so I could draw the Ghostbusters' logo over and over again.

While browsing through beauty products on Target's site, I came across these awesome book covers by Book City Jackets.

I mean, seriously, how effing cool is this?  And in looking at their site, this Brooklyn-based duo are making all sorts of covers that are beautiful and creative (the Kindle one cracks me up).  I particularly like how they used the covers to accent their bookshelves.

Now, if only I could convince my sister to submit for their artists' series.  That would just rock my world.

Check out Book City Jackets on their site or on Target.com.


  1. those are awesome. i had like 3000 trapper keepers as a kid.
    i will probably wrap my books this semester in brown paper bags, as i have been taught by my mom. that or just bang those shits up like always. usually i'm so resentful at the end of the year that i hate my textbooks. but i keep them. cuz science books are expensive, dammit.

  2. those are definitely really amazing ... i always hated putting book covers on my text books .. i was a huge bookworm and i kind of liked when they got all messed up cuz it proved that i'd read them ... lol .

  3. i love these! such a great idea! I never used book covers at school- but would have if i had these! xx

  4. my how things have changed since i was a wee one. i totally dug the paperbag cover look, as well. doodles everywhere!


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