Throwback Thursday....by pemora

I am not sure if this will actually become a weekly installment, but I had this song in my head this morning and just had to share.  I remember eagerly anticipating to see it on The Box.  I almost got up the nerve to call and request it myself but was too terrified of the wrath of my parents.  So I would just hope and pray someone in my neighborhood loved Michel'le as much as I did to request it.

Side note: if you grew up in the hood, wasn't it the worst when The Box had a string of rock videos?  I remember just scratching my head like, "who the hey is requesting all of these damn songs?"

I also remember not completely believing Michel'le's baby voice, especially when you compared it to her singing voice.  Her baby voice would really and truly irritate me....and I also remember chicks in the hood trying to imitate it.  Oh, hood memories.

Happy Thursday, everyone!

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