Throwback Thursday....by pemora

I realize this is a day late. But let me explain. I actually thought that TODAY (Friday) was Thursday. And this is what happens when you wake up on Friday, thinking that it is Thursday, and then realizing that it is Friday:

1. you do cartwheels in your brain
2. you feel like you just found $5 in your pocket
3. and then you panic because you haven't made weekend plans yet, because you thought you had another day to plan

So, this morning while in Dunkin' Donuts, the cashier told me "Happy Friday!" and I was like, "Damn, its Friday!" and immediately thought that this would be a good day. And THEN...2 old Filipinas came up to me and complimented my sandals. I tend to think that I dress like an old Filipina, so it was a true compliment to me.

Despite it being 7am, this is turning out to be a good day. Hence, the (belated) Throwback Thursday....

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